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Records Management

PURPOSE:  To provide requirements and guidelines for managing the life cycle of all District records and information



The District shall manage the life cycle of its records and information. The District shall ensure that essential records are identified and protected from disasters.


The Board shall designate the Public Records Officer responsible for coordinating the development and maintenance of the records management program.



The district recognizes the importance of public records as the record of the acts of the district and the repository of such information.  The public has the right under law to inspect and procure copies of such records with certain exceptions.  The public records of the district may include any account, voucher or contract dealing with the receipt or disbursement of funds; with acquisition, use, or disposal of services or of supplies, materials, equipment or other property; or with any minutes, orders, or decisions fixing the personal or property rights, privileges, immunities, duties or obligations of any person or group.


The District shall manage the inventory of all public and essential records for disposition scheduling and transfers.


The District shall transfer any essential records to the state archivist for preservation at the Regional Archive Building.  Such records are considered Official Public records and are essential records that require secure microfilm backup.



Public records and facilities for their inspection and/or copying will be provided by the public records officer of the district.  Such records or documents shall not be removed from the place designated for their inspection, and all records will be reviewed under the supervision of the public records officer or his/her designee.


All records shall be destroyed after meeting the minimum retention period and shall be retained longer only under the special exceptions as set forth by the State.


Legal Reference   RCW 40.14 Preservation and Destruction of Public Records

RCW 42.56 Public Records Act


1810 – Public Records Requests
Requests for Fire District 20 records shall be submitted to the King County Fire District 20 Public Records Officer Online or by one of the following methods.



In-person or by mail to the administrative offices:

King County Fire District 20

Attn: Public Records Officer

12424 76th Ave S

Seattle, WA 98178

By Fax:             206-772-6095

By E-mail:

Fee for Records: (RCW 42.56.120)

Standard photocopies - minimum $0.15 per page

(No fee shall be charged for locating public documents and making them available for copying)


Large requests may require

A 10% deposit of the estimated cost before making copies and copies may be provided in installments.

An advance payment before providing further installments

Reimbursement for the cost of materials and cost to put records on CD or in an e-mail

Reimbursement of the actual cost of postage and mailing container

Per page cost for scanning paper documents (.15 per page plus cost of time to scan)

Viewing and Copying of Records (RCW 42.56.090)


Records requested may be viewed at the King County Fire District 20 Administrative Office during regular business hours. Hours for viewing public records shall be posted on the District’s website.

Fulfillment of Requests (RCW 42.56.090)

Inspection and copying of identifiable King County Fire District 20 documents or a response to a public record request shall be provided promptly and not to exceed five (5) working days.  Staff will promptly notify the public records officer or designee of any anticipated delay and the reason for the delay.  Should the requested information be deemed exempt from disclosure, the requestor shall be notified in writing with reference(s) to the applicable exemption.

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