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King County Local Services handles building and fire permits in Unincorporated King County.

Before applying for a commercial building permit, site development permit, binding site plan, a preliminary subdivision or short subdivision approval, final subdivision or short subdivision, urban planned development, zoning reclassification, conditional use, and special use permits to the department:

  1. The applicant shall submit a copy of the application to the fire district providing fire protection services to the proposed development.
  2. Subdivisions and short subdivisions applied for and/or recorded before February 1, 1989, shall be submitted once to the applicable fire district for review at the time of the first building permit by the applicant for that building permit.


King County Fire Code

Completed forms and site plans can be emailed to:


Send to:

King County Fire District 20

12424 76th Ave. S.

Seattle WA. 98178

After the fire department receipt is approved by King County Fire District 20, it will be sent back to the applicant. It is the applicant's responsibility to submit to King County Local Services Permitting Division.